The top 6 benefits of hair extensions

For years I had really long, thick hair. But due to hormone changes and some health issues, slowly it became shorter and shorter, to the point that the bottom layers of my hair were much shorter than my top layers. Right after my 40th birthday I decided to chop off most of my hair to give it a fresh start. So now, a few years later, even though my hair is “healthier”, it’s still not very long, because it grows very slowly. As I want to maintain the integrity of my hair, I have been using hair extensions for the benefits I’m sharing with you here.

As a hairdresser, I have researched many different options and believe that carried out with skilful and expert application alongside careful home care and suitable products, hair extensions can be the best motivational and confidence-building remedy in one’s personal grooming. Here are the top 6 benefits of hair extensions, which may help encourage you to explore this life-changing and exciting image option:

Benefit #1: 

Instant change

Short one day, long the next? Even for more volume without length. Just like nail extensions, there is no need to suffer for beautiful long or voluminous glossy hair. 

Benefit #2: 

Colour change

Being a hairdresser, I colour my hair a lot. Every few weeks I get my roots done with some highlights. I do not put highlights on the long lengths of my hair, instead I use lighter colour extensions as highlights. Of course, balayage-style extensions are also fun to use, if one would like to stop colouring hair for a while.

Benefit #3: 

Easy styling

Look, I love doing hair for others, but I’m lazy when it comes to my own hair. Especially in the morning because I have a very busy life and I would rather get ready for my day’s demands, instead of blow-drying and styling my hair each morning. Not forgetting that extensions give hair a break from styling tools, which helps it grow faster and become healthier.

Benefit #4: 

Different looks for different occasions

This is probably the most exciting thing for me. Hair extensions create more possibilities for trying out new styles for different events. It’s so much easier to get a fuller-looking bun or braid when using extensions because there’s just more hair to work with.

Benefit #5: 

End to split ends

Although this isn’t technically true, because split ends won’t just disappear when adding hair extensions. However, what they do help with is hiding them, giving the hair a chance to grow faster. The key here is using moisturising products, regularly dusting (a method to remove split ends) and having a trim as soon as extensions are out.

Benefit #6: 

Faster-growing hair

It has been scientifically proved that hair grows when there is weight on it. This is due to the fact that, just like all the other muscles in the body that become healthier when weights are used, the “arrector pili” muscles, which hair follicles are attached to, also grow healthier when weight is attached. Therefore, stronger and healthier hair is obtained.

If you start looking around at different options to see which brands are available, be very careful not to use any hair but Remy hair (non-synthetic hair) and choose your stylist carefully, as not all stylists are professionally trained for perfect and healthy results for hair extensions. The key for healthy and successful hair extensions is in colour matching to the natural hair, placement and styling. Cutting and styling of extensions is totally different to cutting natural hair, as different rules apply and the expert extensionists are worth searching for if you want lasting, perfect results.