Keratin hair treatment

Keratin hair treatment is slowly becoming one of the preferred options for hair smoothening. However, before you opt for it, it is certainly better to know everything about keratin hair treatment, including the myths.

What is keratin?
It’s basically what your hair is made of. Keratin is the main protein which makes up your hair. All keratin treatment does is reinstate the natural keratin (a protein which has been lost over time) in your hair, which gives it lustre and silkiness.

Keratin hair treatment is a semi-permanent hair smoothing treatment. It will eliminate 80% of the natural curl temporarily as well as making your hair smooth and shiny.

Usually, keratin hair treatments last for 3 to 4 months, however the precise duration is dependent on the hair type and the condition of the hair along with other factors. This can be determined by the stylist during consultation.

If you have curly and/or frizzy hair, keratin hair treatment will give you the perfect styling experience you want. The science behind it is pretty simple. Keratin hair treatment fills the pores that make your hair frizzy and brittle in the first place, thereby giving you lustrous and smoother hair texture.

What are keratin treatment myths?
Keratin hair treatments are a heavily debated topic and many believe (incorrectly) that this treatment can be harmful. The only harmful effect of keratin is due to the lack of experience of the stylist in pre-determining the condition of the hair. The way the procedure is carried out has the utmost importance on the result and future integrity of the hair. These are the most popular myths about keratin treatment:

  1. It may lead to cancer

This is only true if the product contains formaldehyde.

  1. It can damage your hair

Excessive heat applied to your hair can make your hair dry in quick time and cause breakage. Make sure you select the salon and the hair stylist properly as a skilled technician will be diligent about the temperature your hair is subjected to.

  1. It can lead to allergic reactions

This only applies to products that contain formaldehyde.

So always consult an expert stylist before you finalise your appointment for keratin treatment.