Hope of inspiration

One thing I hope to inspire in my clients and team is to constantly push our creativity to new limits as hairdressers and those clients who love change.

Today I want to share a new trend taking the hair design by storm – “Metalica”, a soft and sensual collection celebrating classic design with an edge.

Here is an image that, hopefully, would inspire clients and be a magical change for that new look. Metalica was inspired by the Fendi Collection where the hair colour and clothing fabric blended into the same color palette. (Brilliantly designed by Sam Mcknight and team with Fendi).

As much as I love Avant Garde hair there is something very fresh about simple, relaxed and sensual hair. For me this is harder than designing an Avant Garde look. Avant Garde is about breaking the rules.

If you have not checked out the new colour and style on this new look, head over to the salon and experience Metalica for yourself! I hope it encourages you to explore the evolution of designing to the needs of your lifestyle!