Bridal hair for your wedding day

Short hair is chic, stylish and easy to manage, but “what about on my wedding day” you ask? Too short to wear up, not long enough to wear down, it can be quite the bridal conundrum. BUT DOES NOT NEED TO BE!

You do not have to start growing out your hair the minute you set eyes on your engagement ring. In fact, go out of your way to cut your long tired and style-less locks into a short stylish bob for your wedding day!

If your short hair-do is part of your personal style, then make it work for you on your special day too.

Helen Charles’s philosophy for happy hair on your special day.

Additionally, as many women know, no matter how beautiful your dress is or how perfect your makeup looks on your wedding day, if you’re having a bad hair day you’re simply not going to be a happy bride.

We, at Helen Charles believe, brides should not bring too many people to their hair trial. Going for consultations to get their hair right before the wedding day is essential. However, bringing more than one person into the wedding trial, too many opinions from friends, family and loved ones can affect the outcome of the bride’s desired style.

Another mistake is getting too elaborate! Many brides look to completely reinvent their hair when prepping for their big day. However, you shouldn’t go too crazy when choosing your bridal hairstyle. By trying the most elaborate updo in wedding history, brides stress themselves out and it can be frustrating if it doesn’t work exactly as expected.

The biggest failure in achieving good results is adding the wrong extensions. You should bring any hair extensions along with you for any hair colouring appointments you have, before your big day, so that you can ensure that they will match. Extensions that don’t match your natural hair can be an eyesore in photographs. A perfect wedding day starts with perfect hair.